Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bicara hati...

Masa aku bloghopping tu hari, aku singgah kejap ke blog Dewi. Yang menarik sekali, apabila aku terbaca nukilan kata yang dicoretkan disitu.

Credits to Iwed.


“Engkau adalah teman jiwaku yang hilang, setengah diriku yang dipisahkan saat ditetapkan [Kahlil Gibran]”

“When you are down to nothing, God is up to something.”

“You come to love not by finding the perfect person but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly [Keen]”

Suddenly somehow I feel gifted. I feel blessed by finding him now into my life. Somehow I found out that he’s far from the word “perfection”. But since I and he were united, he still remains imperfect, but the love, the relationship, the affection, the trustworthiness and the faith we both have to then we combined are amazingly be seen as a fully perfected form of reality. As we complete each other, learn to grow tolerances inside us and to throw egos that we’re having. It’s not as easy as saying it. It takes much sacrificing to do such things, but I know I have faith in him. I know that I believe him and I know that I can rely on him. I will cover his “holes” and so does him to mine. That’s supposed of what partners are for, isn’t it?

After the party was done, we sat together in the lobby. Then I said,

“This party is super cool…”, he agreed me, and then he continued,

“I don’t know whether I could make this kind of party in the future for you.”

“What for, I don’t need the package. I need the essence.”

No, Love… I need no luxury. I need the imperfect you, so the imperfect me could tick her heart with yours perfectly. Remember what Gibran said,

“Love is like one soul trapped in two bodies.”

And he didn’t mention about perfection, coz we don’t need that. Perfection will only blunting our sensitivities and senses.

So keep being imperfect Love and I will still know the reason why I should stay beside you.

End quote.

Perrgghhh...Ayat dia POWER dahhh....

Tetapi, sama ada dengan sedar atau tidak, ader benar jugak kekata itu...hmmm..

To Iwed: No, I don't think it's a brainwaste at all. I think it's beautiful :-)