Saturday, August 30, 2008

Excuse me, I want to pass away??

So, it was Kristina's first paycheck and she cordially invited the superfriends for dinner!! Yippeee...

Since we wanted a change on our taste buds, Spidey suggested to try out some North Indian cuisines rather then the same boring Nasi Sambal Goreng at bhai's. So, we headed to Islamic Restaurant along North Bridge Road (opp. Pariaman).

Queen Amidala and myself were the first to reach and along the way, we did feast our eyes looking at the Hari Raya light up at Kampong Glam area. It may look extravangant, with rows of brightly lighted blue lights. But sadly, Kampong Glam looks deserted with the absence of bazaar Ramadan this year.

Second came Spidey and then Kristina. Dato' Razak called to say he'd be late. Datin Ruby and Catwoman were not able to make it this time, but yet, the congregation was still awesome!

The food was exceptionally authentic, where we had plain Naan, Naan with garlic, Roti Mariam, Keemah, fish curry, chicken tandoori and some other North Indian dishes which I had already forgotten the names.

There wasn't much crowd that evening, except for a 'mat saleh' couple, trying to enjoy a quiet dinner. Unfortunately for them, the superfriends were there only to ruin their romantic dinner with our loud volume accompanied with occasional wailing laughters; thanks to Kristina's rude jokes! (Sorry mat saleh, you were at the wrong place, wrong time!)

The stoopid joke was:

(This is a true story)

2 friends standing and talking along the walkway. A chinaman walks up and about to pass thru. So, in his effort to be extremely polite, he requests the permission to walk thru.

Chinaman : Excuse me, I want to pass away?

(Both friends utterly silenced.)

Friend A : (Confused) Ermm..You want to pass away?? Ok, you can.

Friend B : ...and may you Rest In Peace! :)

Hahahaha...get the joke?? Get the joke?? (Tak klakar ke?)

We didn't realised that we had sat too long only after we saw the empty seats were being stacked up on the tables indicating restaurant was closing! Time fly fast when having good times.

ps: Kristina, thanks for the treat and thank you guys for that wonderful evening.